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I’m a global design leader, writer, and user experience advocate. My creative passions are writing, UX, design, and public speaking.

About Me

Hi, and thank you for your interest in learning more about me. Currently, I'm the global head of user experience for Bluemix, IBM's cloud platform.

I’m also a design leader with 15 years experience in user centered design, user research and product management for both B2B and B2C models. I have extensive experience in enterprise, multi-tenant, and large scale web and mobile applications. I'm well versed in building, from the ground up, high functioning design teams that deliver high quality, data-driven solutions.

As a leader, I bring cross-functional teams together, implement Agile UX and practice lean product management best practices. I have a knack for creating high performing teams, creating awesome culture, and growing designers into business leaders. I also lead with the belief of “Good UX is just good business.”

Product Design Principles

Over the years I’ve watched and participated in the evolution and improvement of digital design products. In an effort to ensure a consistent output of quality designs, I developed an efficient and effective process for building and designing state-of-the-art digital solutions. No matter what design theory you practice this process can easily be applied.

Agile UX

There are 5 steps I use when creating and designing for digital interfaces: 1. Research, 2. Design, 3. Develop, 4. Refine, and 5. Deploy. In addition to following these processes I require my teams to participate in daily stand-ups. Here we discuss roadblocks and questions pertaining to design needs. I found stand-ups reduce the need for additional meetings, it decreases one-off assets from being created, and also keeps everyone aware of what others are working on. Depending on the project scope and deliverable dates, I typically start this process two weeks ahead of sizing deadlines. As an example of how my process works.

Agile UX Process

Communication & Organization

In addition to using my agile UX process, I also created a framework for organizing and communicating the design process to Product Managers, Engineering Leads, and other designers on the team. I normally use tools like Trello or Jira to handle organizing the information. My format consists of a set of “swim lanes” with the following categories: Stories, Working, In Review, Approved, In Development, and Bugs. Using this framework, I am able to see how an individual or a team is progressing on a design and how they’re tracking towards the delivery.

Using this method, my teams communicate more effectively, we’ve reduced delivery times and its allowed us to improve our overall process. Since implementing these templates my team’s have been delivering ahead of schedule. As a result this has allowed the designers sufficient time to work on more exploratory and forward thinking design solutions.

Agile Design and Organization Strategy Actual example - Content was modified to protect the proprietary information related to the project.

UX Roadmap

Clear and detailed UX Roadmaps are essential for creating a unified product strategy. This is where I start when designing my team’s vision. I’ve created many over the years and use them to communicate our plan for delivering features, and to ensure we’re aligned with the direction and vision of the product. I’ve created clear monthly, quarterly, and yearly UX Roadmaps.

Although I don’t typically plan past 6 monthns (due to the ebb and flow of Product’s vision which can change periodically based on the latest customer and market demands) they are an essential part of my process.

UX Roadmaps Actual example - Content was modified to protect the proprietary information related to the project.

Find Me

I'm currently not available for outside work, but feel free to review my work or connect with me online.